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Microblading is a unique form of artistry used to mimic hair-like strokes on your brows, also known as semi-permanent make up. It is used with a hand tool which looks like a pen. This method can last up to 3 years with proper care and yearly touch ups. During your microblading appointment, your brows will be shaped or filled in with a pencil and measured according to the structure of your face before we start to proceed with microblading.

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After your first microblading session, it is highly recommended you get a touch up as you will see the best results! Your brows will go through different healing phases for the next 10 days and will heal completely after 4-8 weeks. That's when you will come in for your first initial touch up appointment.

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NOW FOR THE LASHES -- LASH STRIPS ARE COMING SOON!! You will soon be able to purchase them. For a sooner update and pictures of our work, follow our instagram page  @browandlashaesthetics

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